Four-column themes

9 08 2007

Note to self: think long and hard about using a four column theme. I like the general layout of the header image, but the small text area for posts (and images) might make it difficult to read. Post your comments about four column layouts, if you don’t mind.




3 responses

10 08 2007
Pedro Beltrao

Has you say it is quite nice visually but I would not like to read the content here. I will be mostly reading via GReader so for me it is not a problem.

12 08 2007

The header looks great, but visually, it dominates the rest of the page. I like narrow columns, but 4 columns seems like a waste of space. The text is too small to read comfortably, and you need to bump up the contrast.

Welcome to the blogging world.

14 08 2007
Greg Tyrelle

Yes, welcome to blogging.

I think is important to make reading online comfortable, largish fonts (san-serif my preference), two column variable-width layout (use that screen real estate etc.

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