9 08 2007

Inspired by a few recent additions to the scientific blog community, I’ve decided to venture into the realm of live thought. I aim to cover topics ranging from and integrating structural biology, bioinformatics, and biological function, perhaps with a few rants (*funding*, cough, cough) here and there.

[edit: I guess I should mention that I noticed the new blogs via Pedro’s blog]




5 responses

9 08 2007

welcome !

9 08 2007
Pedro Beltrao

If that is your work environment up there in the picture no rants are allowed 🙂

9 08 2007

It’s nice to be an inspiration :). Thanks a lot and good luck.

9 08 2007

Pierre: thanks!

Pedro: I wish! My building has been under constant renovation for a few years. No window in my office. I left the picture to remind myself of the vacation(s) I have yet to take. I’ll change the graphic to something more appropriate (perhaps a brick wall with flickering, yellow-tinted background lighting).

9 08 2007

Welcome to the scene and goodluck! 🙂

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