What you know about … *

18 08 2007

For better or for worse, I cannot get this out of my head.

*a somewhat science related topic


Updated theme: 2 column format

16 08 2007

I changed the theme to one with a two-column format.  More science blog posts to come … just as soon as I develop time management skills (I’m trying to finish up a project).

Four-column themes

9 08 2007

Note to self: think long and hard about using a four column theme. I like the general layout of the header image, but the small text area for posts (and images) might make it difficult to read. Post your comments about four column layouts, if you don’t mind.


9 08 2007

Inspired by a few recent additions to the scientific blog community, I’ve decided to venture into the realm of live thought. I aim to cover topics ranging from and integrating structural biology, bioinformatics, and biological function, perhaps with a few rants (*funding*, cough, cough) here and there.

[edit: I guess I should mention that I noticed the new blogs via Pedro’s blog]